Each year SOAR recognizes three deserving individuals based on our Core Values: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion and Intellectual Curiosity. This years’ winners were Todd Barborek, Sameatria Simmons and Paul Sherman.

Todd Barborek – Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

Todd embodies the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award as he is SOAR’s beachhead on his client’s Enterprise Engineering contract.  He has used his acquisition and program management experience and given his client new insight into the art of the possible as well as a deep understanding of how the Agency operates today and the plan for the future.  He has done this while having minimal direct contact with his client and her team since he works in an external office.  Todd’s knowledge and experience inside and outside of the Agency is preparing his Government contractor team for the new acquisition structure and budget transformation being implemented in 2024. “Ego Te Provoco”, I Challenge You!

Sameatria Simmons – Passion Award

Sameatria demonstrates SOAR’s Core Value of Passion for excellence and customer service every day in support of an Agency’s International Office.  She ensures the leadership team has the tools and materials they need to be successful each day by ensuring read-aheads and talking points are timely and accurate.  She also manages a highly complex set of calendars and events impacting executives across the Agency, the Intelligence Community and International partners.  Her attention to detail in executing this can’t be under sold. Sameatria’s desire for excellence epitomizes the passion to “Carpe Diem”, SEIZE THE DAY!

Paul Sherman – Intellectual Curiosity Award

Paul exemplifies SOAR’s Intellectual Curiosity Award in support of his client and peers.  Paul stepped in during a period of transition in the Agency’s Mission Management Office.  He jumped in and quickly learned Mission Management’s historic role and the new expectations.  He quickly set to work updating the products and process flows to meet the new reality.  He worked closely with a myriad of offices to coordinate a variety of strategic issues including the Program Build, Planning Guidance Development, new budget structure and the Agency’s new acquisition structure ensuring mission equites were addressed.  Paul is helping his client meet the change management challenge and prepare the Agency for the future of GEOINT. “Docendo Discimus”, While Teaching We Learn!

Congratulations to Todd, Sameatria and Paul! Well done!