Each month, SOAR will be highlighting one of our exceptional employees. This month, we recognize Lance Shaffer!

Q: What do you do for SOAR clients?

 A: I optimize results through innovative solutions for our clients.  Currently, I develop and nurture multinational partnerships through a number of actioning forums to include results-oriented councils, workshops, and conferences.  These forums allow my clients to seamlessly move from one milestone to the next without having to deal with the processes and details that can sometimes slow them down.  I also have developed numerous strategic papers and presentations focused on the expansion of the multinational partnership programs.  These items have allowed my client to strategically develop programs which keep them at the cutting edge of the defense intelligence enterprise.

Q: What do you like best about working at SOAR?

A: I appreciate the support from the leadership team at SOAR and I enjoy the ability to engage in communication with the CEO of the company on a regular basis.  I also enjoy the autonomy in which our company operates with many of our team members working for various clients on a number of missions. 

Q: Why does it matter to you to work somewhere that provides purpose and meaning?

The vehicles which SOAR provides enable members of the team to focus on the client and specific results.  Most of the solutions SOAR provides are within the Intelligence Community supporting the Department of Defense, but SOAR’s portfolio crosses all bounds and has been used in a number of other enterprises.

SOAR is actually an acronym that stands for Strategy, Optimization, Action, Results.  This acronym could serve as a great guide for any company or business to stay on the right path to providing solutions for clients.  As long as you are doing one of the four at any given time, you are on the right path😊

Q: What’s your favorite part of working with your teammates?

A: I enjoy keeping up with our teammates in the company through our many social and professional get togethers.   We have annual events and we have special occasions, but the bottom line is we have a great team.

Q: Why would you recommend that a prospective candidate consider working for SOAR?

A: SOAR is a growing company with seasoned professionals.  Leadership provides an extremely supportive environment with a demonstrated personal care factor.  It’s an exceptional company with amazingly talented people!