Congratulations to Ryan Lewis for being named SOAR’s May 2023 Star of the Month! Ryan has been with SOAR for almost four years and has been a great contributor to the team and well respected by both his coworkers and clients. Well done Ryan!

Q: What do you do for SOAR?
A: I provide technical Video Teleconference (VTC), multimedia and personnel support. I set up monitors and facilitate content for VTC conferences, establish connections to internal or external locations, train staff on the Director’s two conference rooms and provide logistical support. I also provide support to the Knowledge Wall (WoK) when required. And finally, I write and update training material and provide personnel support to the organization’s onboarding and departing personnel.

Q: What do you like best about working at SOAR?
A: What I like best, in addition to the comradery among the employees and opportunities for personal and professional growth, is the personal support SOAR provides to its employees. They understand that unplanned events occur that affect normal family and work life and allow me the flexibility and support I need to handle circumstances outside of my control.

Q: Does it matter to you to work somewhere that provides purpose and meaning?
A: I believe you gain a sense of gratitude when you have purpose and meaning for what you’re doing and working to accomplish. I feel you have a true sense of fulfilment, self-satisfaction and accomplishment when contributing to something you have a genuine belief in.

Q: How is your experience with SOAR different from other companies you’ve worked for?
A: SOAR Management has provided extensive support to me during times of work-related or personal issues. My past employers haven’t been as helpful and understanding.

Q: What would you say to someone who feels like they’re stuck in a job they don’t feel is meaningful to them?
A: Try seeking out something you enjoy doing, that way you may find satisfaction or purpose in your work.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working with your teammates? 
A: There is outstanding rapport and comradery among SOAR employees during daily communication and during SOAR functions.

Q: Why would you recommend that a prospective candidate consider working for SOAR?
A: SOAR Leadership supports, encourages and provides employee’s opportunities for growth via professional development, outreach, health and various other means.