Congratulations to our three newest SOAR Management Consulting Core Value Award winners! These three individuals embody SOAR’s core values of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion, and Intellectual Curiosity. The award winners are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Kelsie Garin demonstrates Entrepreneurial Spirit for SOAR in many ways. This year Kelsie has taken the initiative to update several of SOAR’s marketing items, led the efforts to update and improve the company website, reinvigorated the LinkedIn company page and, during COVID, led SOAR’s employee engagement efforts always thinking of innovative and thoughtful ways to keep the employees engaged and connected. Kelsie demonstrates perseverance and integrity, and has a bounty of energy that spreads to others. Well done Kelsie!
  • Passion: Ryan Lewis is this year’s Passion Award winner. Ryan demonstrates his passion for his job, his client and SOAR in many ways. This year Ryan overcame a myriad of obstacles managing clients, COVID, school closures, virtual school and even shutdowns of daycare facilities. Ryan was able to deal with all of these obstacles with a grace and professionalism that few possess. He was recognized by senior leaders across the Agency for the support he provides and for his excellence and commitment to the little things that make the mission a success. Ryan’s passion for his customers set him a notch above. Congratulations Ryan!
  • Intellectual Curiosity: Brian Starr exemplifies SOAR’s Core Value of Intellectual Curiosity in his drive to find the best solutions for his client in a challenging environment and has been recognized for his outstanding efforts by many of his senior leaders. Brian’s commitment to willingly take on and excel at new challenges in a difficult year clearly demonstrates that he is most deserving of the Intellectual Curiosity Award. Congratulations Brian!
From left to right: Ryan Lewis, Kelsie Garin, Brian Starr