Congratulations to our three SOAR Management Consulting Core Value Award winners!  These three individuals embody SOAR’s core values of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion, and Intellectual Curiosity. The award winners are as follows:

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Corey Jackson exemplifies SOAR’s Core Value of Entrepreneurial Spirit by using his unique insight to find ways to get the job done.  Corey was commended by his clients for his tremendous effort working an as essential employee during the COVID-19 shutdown by helping to shape the Agency’s response and path forward.  Well done Corey!
  • Passion: Neal Smith exemplifies SOAR’s Core Value of Passion through his support of his client as well as his efforts in the development and growth of SOAR Management Consulting.  Neal strives for excellence and works relentlessly on behalf of his clients and employees to provide excellent customer service.  Neal is the embodiment of what this award stands for!  Congratulations Neal!
  • Intellectual Curiosity: Lance Shaffer exemplifies SOAR’s Core Value of Intellectual Curiosity in support of his client and SOAR teammates.  His genuine interest in his client, work and being proactive in building business for SOAR elevates him above others.  His desire to learn and apply his knowledge to solve problems is why Lance was a clear choice for this award.  Congratulations Lance!