We’re always expanding our team, interacting with the community, and attending events both in and outside of work. Keep up to date with how we continue to grow and what we are accomplishing.

Welcome Kathi Ghannam and Chadwick Block

SOAR Management Consulting welcomes two new Senior Consultants:  Kathi Ghannam and Chadwick Block.  Ms. Ghannam brings more than 20 years of full-service communication skills and experience to SOAR. Prior to joining SOAR, Ms. Ghannam held various contracting roles in...

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Welcome Stephen Rhodes

SOAR Management Consulting hires hires new Consultant Stephen Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes brings to SOAR a wealth of intelligence operations, analysis and policy development experience from various positions both domestically and internationally. Prior to his successful...

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Welcome Erin McDaniel

SOAR Management Consulting hires new Senior Consultant Erin McDaniel. With over 25 years of leadership, organizational development and human resources experience, Mr. McDaniel is well versed and fully accustomed to providing solutions and results to satisfied clients...

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Welcome Veronique Perarnaud

SOAR Management Consulting hires new in-house Corporate Accountant Veronique Perarnaud. Ms. Perarnaud has a BS in Marketing from George Mason University and a Master’s in Accounting from American University.   After moving from France in 1981, Ms. Perarnaud has lived...

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Welcome Jessica Jones

SOAR Management Consulting welcomes new Consultant Jessica Jones. Ms. Jones received her Bachelor’s degree in Business from James Madison University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Ms. Jones has worked in private industry as well as the intelligence...

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Welcome Maureen Pappas

SOAR Management Consulting hires new Talent Manager, Maureen Pappas to address company growth. Ms. Pappas is widely respected across the talent management industry as a subject matter expert with over two decades of experience. A recipient of the Diversity Leadership...

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