Stand Up of Recruiting and Hiring Function

The continued inability to deliver new hires impacts Congressional funding, billet allocations, and the capability to fulfill mission requirements. Sourcing and recruiting processes are about finding the right talent to shape workforce composition and are linked to Strategic Workforce Plans ensuring a focus on creating a pool of diverse highly skilled candidates.

The Client

The Recruiting and Hiring Group within the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

Client Challenge

By the end of FY2023, the NRO Cadre is expected to reach its end strength in personnel, doubling the size of the current NRO Cadre workforce.  This goal is unobtainable without new strategic capabilities for superior recruitment and hiring practices fundamental to high-performing organizations and critical to the long-term viability of the NRO Cadre.


  • Documented the current and future state of the Cadre recruiting and hiring process to include target metrics.
  • Revised the instructions for internal and external hiring as well as selection memos and associated attachments to accommodate updates to the recruiting and hiring process.
  • Significantly overhauled the job posting process to include creating a standard job announcement template to achieve consistent branding.
  • Re-designed the Applicant Experience process, including updating all documentation, developing scripts for all interactions with applicants, eliminating non-value-added steps and resolving conflicting information provided to applicant.
  • Implemented automation in the form of HireVue, a digital interviewing software platform, including developing the communications and training materials to roll out the HireVue capability across the NRO during COVID.
  • Contributed to the implementation of the first NRO Intern Program aimed at technical, finance, security, and HR interns. Developed the Cadre Intern Cohort recruiting strategy and timeline and collaborated with SMEs to tailor announcements to specific career fields.  Facilitated process efficiencies for modified security processing to ensure intern candidates are cleared in a timely manner.
  • Supported numerous virtual career fairs to include interacting with various sponsors, preparing materials to be displayed, prepping NRO participants, and writing FAQs to support participants.
  • Initiated successful social media campaigns to increase brand awareness and recruit for hard to fill positions.
  • Collaborated with OPM to update the NRO presence on the new Intelligence Community Applicant Gateway that will provide visibility to all applicants looking to carve out a career in the IC.


As a result of SOAR efforts, the NRO has implemented effective and efficient recruiting and hiring processes to ensure they meet their recruiting and hiring goals.