Implementing New System Structures

During periods of austere budgets and ruthless prioritization, it is crucial for organizations and managers to be able to clearly define their needs in alignment with oversight priorities. SOAR engineers and technologists partner with clients in building/assessing Information Technology plans and investments to ensure the biggest impact to their enterprise. SOAR provides proven processes and experience to research and shape requirements developing CONOPS, analysis of alternatives, and conducting trade studies to enable the mission.

The Client

An organization within the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency responsible for oversight of resources and investments in enterprise business services and capabilities.

Client Challenge

The Capability Program Manager (CPM) required a repeatable process to identify corporate needs, develop appropriate needs statements, refine technology requirements, and prepare resource strategies.


SOAR consultants supported the CPM in identifying key stakeholders, facilitating working sessions, and refining foundational charter, templates, and governance forums necessary to deliver clear requirements for new capabilities. We executed the following approach:

  • Gathered data through research and facilitated working sessions with key stakeholders from across the enterprise to identify the current state, gaps, and the roles and responsibilities of service providers and resource offices.
  • Drafted the strategic intent identifying the key capability investments to enable resourcing and prioritization of development.
  • Collaborated in design and facilitation of technical exchange meetings to build a process model providing a shared understanding of a requirement from identification through resourcing/delivery across stakeholders and service providers.
  • Led the development of two corporate requirements as a proof of concept, and to further refine the process.
  • Orchestrated communication of the process with stakeholder organizations, and trained program managers as required to meet/deliver clear requirements.
  • Provided a feedback loop from the service providers to identify opportunities and drive continuous improvement in the requirements process.
  • Supported implementation of the requirements process ensuring quality and clarity of requirements.


The Capability Program Manager has successfully improved the quality of requirements, and during the COVID19 pandemic was able to successfully transition business capabilities to enable telework and mission continuity. SOAR’s approach cultivated partnerships and tools supporting a requirement’s development/management process capable of meeting the client’s needs.

“We found SOAR Associates to be professional, knowledgeable, effective, and responsive to our needs and they remained in constant communication with our management during the course of the engagement and were able to tap into a variety of resources bringing solutions to bear when needed. “