Business Process Implementation and Assessment

The Client

An organization within the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency that drives strategic planning, performance, and risk management to ensure long term success in meeting the global GEOINT mission. 

Client Challenge

Identify and adopt a process to collect mission requirements, functions, outputs, and the associated workforce resources (civilian, contractor, military, etc.) to assess the current organizational alignment based on its stated mission in accordance with: 

  • Title 10, US Code, Armed Forces, Subtitle A, Part 1, Chapter 2, Section 115a: Annual Defense Manpower Requirements Report 
  • DoD Directive 1100-4, Guidance to Manpower Management 
  • DoD Instruction 1100.22, Guidance to Determining Workforce Mix 


SOAR consultants implemented SOAR’s proven business improvement process: analyze the current state; develop the case for change; collaborate with leaders and stakeholders to ensure commitment; create/implement the new process; assess performance to optimize results. 

  • Current State: Analyzed and assessed the ad-hoc mission-requirements determination process 
  • Case for change: Defined key processes, recommended improvements, and prepared necessary artifacts to inform clients on change decisions 
  • Commitment: Socialized recommendations with leaders and stakeholders across the organization to develop commitment to the changes 
  • Development/Implementation:
    • Adapted necessary tools to deliver capability across the enterprise 
    • Developed phased roll-out 
    • Prepared training for the workforce to use the tool 
    • Conducted live tests to ensure quality of outcomes 
  • Performance Assessment: Implemented feedback mechanisms to review and optimize processes 


SOAR consultants’ proven capabilities were crucial in improving the ad-hoc manpower and assessment processes and fully developing and implementing the mission requirements process. NGA now has a reliable and repeatable capability to assess its workforce strength with mission requirements thereby allowing senior leadership to make better decisions when determining resource changes. 

“We found SOAR Associates to be professional, knowledgeable, effective, and responsive to our needs and they remained in constant communication with our management during the course of the engagement and were able to tap into a variety of resources bringing solutions to bear when needed. “