SOAR emphasizes three core values: Entrepreneurial Spirit, Passion and Intellectual Curiosity. This year, Lance Shaffer, Matt Speer and Dayling Swords were recognized for their efforts and contributions that embody these values.

Entrepreneurial Spirit – Lance Shaffer

Lance exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit, not just by lending a helping hand and guiding his clients and SOAR teammates, but by seeking new ways to deliver value to his client. Lance took the initiative to develop a white paper and briefing and further establish a new partnership to counter a geopolitical threat. His focus and optimism ensured his entrepreneurial efforts were ultimately heard and accepted. In addition, Lance has volunteered to lead SOAR’s Reciprocity Ring discussions, a newly instituted professional development exercise with his SOAR teammates. Thank you for all of your hard work Lance!

Passion Award – Matt Speer

Matt is SOAR’s expert in mission assurance, risk management and planning.  He replaced a former SOAR teammate who is now one of his government leads.  For many, stepping into this type of situation would be daunting.  Matt took the challenge in stride and hit the ground running.  He immediately started to develop a solution to improve risk management with his client and the organization.  Not only is he improving his client, but he has developed a solution that will integrate with a key mission partner to better assess, track and resolve risks across the shared enterprise.  Matt’s leadership has praised his passion in leading improvements to his client’s mission assurance activities.  Matt’s passion and drive for excellence is ensuring the client’s mission has the resilience to support the warfighter and the executive branch regardless of the crisis.  Thank you for your passion Matt!

Intellectual Curiosity- 2022 – Dayling Swords

When Dayling isn’t practicing KRAV MAGA, she is tackling complex issues in support of intelligence sharing with her client’s international partners.  Dayling arrived at SOAR to fill a brand-new position in International Affairs.  Absent any standard operating procedure (SOP), or clearly defined processes, Dayling had to build her role from the ground up.  Within the first month or two, the client was providing feedback on how well she integrated with the team.  A couple months later, SOAR was told by the client and prime they couldn’t do without her.  Dayling’s tireless efforts to learn about the mission and develop processes and relationships across the GEOINT enterprise have improved customer service for GEOINT partnerships and information sharing.  In addition, Dayling serves as SOAR’s New Hire Buddy to all new hires!  Her insatiable curiosity to learn about the agency, the clients and the mission have made her indispensable to International Affairs and to SOAR.  Thank you Dayling!